Welcome. This is the online application for the EDiR examination.

Success in the examination will certify a standard of radiological knowledge deemed appropriate for independent practice in General Radiology by the ESR. The knowledge base for the examination is as laid out in the ESR European Training Curriculum.

The EDiR examination is open to radiologists and radiology residents in their fifth year of training in compliance with the requirements.

Documentation required for entry to the examination:

For entry to the examination the following documents must be submitted and received by the EBR office before June 30th of 2017:

  • A proof of training indicating the duration of radiology training and expected date of completion (if not completed) issued by the training institution. A template for the proof of training can be downloaded here.
  • A proof of active membership of the relevant national radiological society. A template for the proof of national society membership can be downloaded here.
  • A scanned copy of your passport
  • A proof of profession by the current employing hospital/institution. For corresponding members only. A template for the proof of profession can be downloaded here.
  • A proof of practice years as a supervised staff radiologist after your completion of radiology training is required. For candidates with less than 5 years of training only. A template for the proof of practice years can be downloaded here.

We recommend online submission of the required documents but they can also be sent by email to .

It is not required to use the provided templates but all documents must be in English.

As soon as your application is finalised you will not be able to upload any more documents. Please prepare them carefully before applying or send them by email after application.

In case you do not fulfill the EDiR eligibility criteria, the European Board of Radiology will not accept your application and your examination fee will be refunded.